Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options: Viagra, Cialis, Levitra

Do you know how to cure erectile dysfunction? Drugs for erectile dysfunction are irreplaceable medicines that allow representatives of the stronger sex to get rid of male sexual disorders, regain self-confidence and be on top in bed. There are various erectile dysfunction medications that increase the potency of men, have you already chosen what is right for you? Erectile dysfunction treatment options Nowadays, various companies offer a variety of erectile dysfunction pills online to improve …

Handbook of Peri-operative Medicines: 2nd Edition released

Peri-operative Period Concept Peri-operative period is time from the moment of making decision about operation to restore ability to work or its permanent loss. It includes the following periods: preoperative; intraoperative (operation itself); postoperative. The main treatment method of patients with surgical profile is implementation of surgical intervention (operation). Surgical operation is exercise carried out by means of mechanical action on patient’s tissues and organs with therapeutic and diagnostic purpose. The operation involves at least …


UKCPA Launches Non-Member Subscriber Pack!

We are happy to informs you that the UKCPA starts non-member subscriber pack! The pack includes: free of charge participation in three webinars; the latest edition of «In Focus» magazine (via e-mail); news about coming masterclass events; symposia news; our members opinion concerning value of our online networks. You can easily and quickly subscribe – just fill in the form here: On our website you can get more details on all education and resources provided in …

Welcome to UKCPA Website

ukcpa conferenceThe United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) is non-commercial facility for pharmacists, technicians and health care specialists whose activity includes clinical pharmacy services for patients. We support practice in medicines management for experts and aspire to grow and reach perfection in clinical pharmacy practice so that practitioners could offer best-quality patient care. Find out more about UKCPA here.

Pharmacists from different practice areas with the same ambitions gathered here to:

  • organize forum for networking and support groups for specialist and general practitioners;
  • exchange knowledge, results of studies and experience in clinical care for patients practice;
  • communicate with workers of pharmaceutical industry;
  • grant awards for various new, practice-based studies and developments.

At present moment more than 2 000 specialist from various areas of medicine participate in our Association: hospital, academia, industry and pharmacists and technicians who are engaged in primary and secondary care. Such a wide area of members’ knowledge will allow gather comprehensive knowledge and share it to provide high-quality patient-oriented care.

To get acquainted with the website and get simple instruction on how to use it, please read «Frequently Asked Questions».

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