About Us

The United Kingdom Clinical Pharmacy Association (UKCPA) is a friendly place for clinical pharmacy practitioners to gather together. Here you may find support, help and encouragement for advanced pharmacy practice. The UKCPA leads active work in improvement of clinical pharmacy practice and training individual practitioners. It is worldwide known that the UKCPA proposes such ideas as approving professional curricula, creating anв improving professional tools and frameworks. Professionals all over the world may find here great opportunities for personal and professional growth and education.

Our Association has it own mission and visions for future and it follow created plan on achieving objectives that provide successful realization of the ideas. We have developed business plan for 5 years and clear to each member governing system. With the help of these measures each participant will have no doubts about activity of the Association and what fees from members are spent on.

Responsibility for management and governing of UKCPA is taken by General Committee. You can learn detailed information about UKCPA structure here.

Our membership gained more popularity and a lot of specialists with valuable knowledge joining us. Today the Association has more than 2400 members engaged in all possible areas of the profession. Such a huge amount of various talented specialist will allow us collect knowledge and expertise which will improve quality of patient-oriented care. More details about UKCPA membership benefits are given here.

The UKCP Association occupies three offices in Wigston, Leicestershire. All  events and services in UKCPA are managed by office team who are happy to deal with inquiries at any time. Further contact information is provided here.

Our Specialists

At present moment 18 groups of specialist exist in the UKCPA. These groups are engaged in various professional activities such as deliver masterclasses and conference work-sessions. For every group there is a committee governing professional performance. New member of our committee are free to make suggestions and bring new ideas in the UKCPA groups which will contribute to continuing education and networking of its members by means of masterclasses and online networks. Success of the group entirely depends on enthusiasm and performance of its participants. All members are welcome to put their names for nomination, if they have a desire to make their own contribution to committee and take more significant participation in group’s activities. Contact our Chair of your Group or the UKCPA office in case you want get more details on this issue.

Also we created online groups managing their discussion forum. The full list of our groups can be found here.

Hystorical Reference

The UKCPA was founded in 1981 with the main idea to gather pharmacists from various practice fields to share their knowledge and experiences. And this goal is still the main direction of our activity today. We create all necessary conditions for education of our our members that count more than 2300 people. They have all opportunities for resolving present clinical issues and performing best practice in their area.

In 1996 UKCPA issued its Statement on pharmaceutical care, which explains philosophy of the committee concerning constant profession development with multi-disciplinary pharmaceutical care delivery taking into account patient’s opinion.

Partnerships and Collaborations

In April 2011 the UKCPA and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society – pharmacy professional body – became official partners. Besides the UKCPA on regularbasis get consultations from such organisations as the Department of Health, NICE, the MHRA and other professional bodies.

The British Pharmaceutical Student’s Association (BPSA), the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists (GHP), specialist pharmacy organisations, and other professional organisations and healthcare professionals are also our constant partners. Also you can observe great relationships with our industry colleagues and desire to perform activity within ABPI Code of Practice.

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