Business plan 2010 2015

UKCPA develop and define a business plan every five years, which outlines how we will achieve our goals. This is reviewed and monitored annually at the annual Business Planning meeting.

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Key area: Education, training and professional development support

Provide a practitioner-led credentialing system for advanced and specialist practice

Action: Provide services and support for credentialing for practitioners via the Specialist groups

Action: Provide member support through national groups or consortia of specialisms

Develop a responsive member support platform in order to deliver quality masterclasses, symposia and support to UKCPA members

Action: To continue the development of a fully documented systematic approach to the management of UKCPA business to ensure processes and outcomes are monitored and evaluated to ensure quality is maintained

Action: To continue to deliver well planned and evaluated education and training and support for members

Action: Review current UKCPA awards

Action: Increase the marketing of existing symposia, and explore and develop opportunities for the delivery of new symposia

Action: To assist in the development and the marketing effectiveness of existing provision of short courses, and provide opportunities and support for the development of a new portfolio of educational provision, “accreditation” of short courses, and credentialing services linked with educational support

Action: Support the development and coordination of a member support platform containing access to educational tools, on-line resources, mini-conferencing and other relevant services

Action: Carry out a scoping exercise to assess the needs of different levels of practitioners – Band 6/7, Band 8a, Band 8b/8c in order to ensure that UKCPA is delivering what practitioners need and retaining experienced members of the Association

Develop support services for members to enhance professional development

Action: Manage the development and enhancement of professional development services for members.

Action: Oversee the development of: more effective marketing of short courses; the “accreditation” of short courses (with HEI partners); better use of new IT modalities and new types of access for information, support and discussion, such as access to educational tools, on-line resources, mini-conferencing; work in conjunction with CoDEG to make competency frameworks and self-assessment tools more accessible via the e-platform currently being built.

Action: Implement the marketing strategies recommended by the Task & Finish Group

Key area: Leadership and expertise

Develop standards for pharmaceutical care

Action: To continue to develop the competency framework for advanced pharmacy practitioners

Develop and publish model systems to optimise pharmaceutical care

Action: To continue to develop and publish ‘Models of Care’ documents

Action: To work in partnership with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society & the Guild of Healthcare Pharmacists to develop national standards for pharmaceutical care and clinical pharmacy practice

Key area: Mentoring/networking

Increase networking opportunities, conferencing, short course and other educational services to members in order to optimise pharmaceutical care with a focus on new media technologies

Action: To identify links to key decision making bodies to promote the value of UKCPA and to support UKCPA members in accessing these decision making bodies

Action: Support opportunities to develop and coordinate additional symposia and conferences each year, including partnerships with other specialist or partner groups to deliver joint services.

Action: Approach specialist groups with a view to joint working, conferencing, masterclasses and educational material

Action: To support the development and coordination of responsive topic-driven short courses with partners such as other health care professionals and specialists.

Action: Liaise with HEI’s and support the design and construction of a set of “master classes” with partner organisations.

Action: Direct and manage the implementation of enhanced networking opportunities for members.

Key area: Organisational growth and effectiveness

Design, implement, monitor and review development work to establish electronic links to promote the activities, products and services of UKCPA

Action: Development of the UKCPA website

Action: Develop and manage the use of technology-based networking groups to provide a focus to engage community sector and to increase networking and peer support for research and professional development

Action: Develop ways to ensure better use of new technology (such as wiki-based and interactive modalities); develop new types of access for information, support and discussion, such as access to educational tools, on-line resources, mini-conferencing, Master Class concepts; work in conjunction with CoDEG to enhance availability and access to practitioner development frameworks and self-assessment tools via an online platform currently under development via CoDEG.

Action: Develop the use of new media, in particular, social networking (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin) and web based communication tools (webinars)

Introduce methods of promoting and further advancing the work of UKCPA by supporting nationally driven initiatives

Action: Identify and encourage local working through joint meetings with other groups e.g. involvement of UKCPA with Local Practice Forums

Develop alliances with partners to further enhance the work of UKCPA

Action: To systemically target partners with whom the UKCPA can collaborate on specific projects through the established clinical networks

Action: To continue to work with GHP to deliver a Joint Spring symposium

Action: To communicate and sell product to multidisciplinary audiences beyond UKCPA membership

Maintain a dynamic communication strategy for UKCPA

Action: Develop communications strategy to effectively facilitate and enhance communication within the organisation.

Action: To ensure that the business of the UKCPA committees is communicated with the membership

Action: Manage the development of new and enhanced publishing products and enhanced communication services. Oversee ways to more effectively market publications to reach larger audiences, consider and direct the launch of a specialist pharmaceutical clinical online journal jointly with other partner organisations; direct and manage website redevelopment; direct and oversee the creation and use of wiki-driven discussion boards and networking opportunities.

Retain and attract new members to UKCPA from all sectors, including student and pre-registrants

Action: Direct and oversee a strategy to attract new members from secondary care and private sector, and student and young registrant membership

Action: Establish good business management and governance practices in order to meet the UKCPA financial targets

Action: Review roles and responsibilities for executive committee and sub-group chairs, including induction programme

Action: Develop succession planning for all key posts within the UKCPA

Action: To re-define roles and responsibilities of current office personnel

Action: To review the outcomes of the two new salaried-posts (General Secretary and Marketing & Communications Coordinator)

Action: Review the recommendations of the Governance Committee

Action: To continuously monitor resources to ensure maximum effectiveness of income streams and performance management of staff

Action: Identify members of UKCPA who are potential general committee members and officers of the future.