General Committee

The UKCPA General Committee (GC) takes care of managing of the Association which includes establishing standards, terms of policies and procedures and providing adherence and maintenance of all this issues. It is responsible for any action that is done on behalf of the Association.

GC must be strategic, mostly concentrating its activity on future year. Besides this body monitors success and development in current year. Members of the Committee must ensure that the standards are not violated and express their creativity and open-mindness. Individual members and groups must be hold operational issues, acting within their authority empowered by GC, adhering to Business Plan, approved by GC.

General Committee members document (as of January 2015) contain all information about General Committee members, their duties, contact details, interests and other facts about them.

Members of General Committee are elected from existing members of the Association. More details on how this process is run see here: Process of electing to General Committee. New interest in membership of the General Committee is always of great value to us. In case you would like to become a member of the Committee study the document which discloses benefits of it to you and to us: Why become a member of the UKCPA General Committee?

For obtaining contact information of a member of General Committee visit this page.

Our current General Committee stuff:

Eve Hall, Chair

Elliot Norton, Treasurer

Olivia Lewis, General Manager

Summer Willis, General Secretary

George Baldwin, Chair of Trustees

Hayden Holmes, Immediate Past Chair

Isabella Gordon

Harvey Knowles

Aaron Knight

Victoria Harrison

Alfie Ashton

Edward Thornton