Structure and Governance

UKCPA is a membership, and it is run by General Committee, Business Management Group, Education Planning Committee, Group committees and Trustees on behalf of members. All of these bodies are supported by UKCPA Office. If you want to read Terms of Reference for these committees, follow this link.

Constitution of the UKCPA determines mains principles oа the organization. Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer in The UKCPA are elected by General Committee membership. Terms of Reference for each committee and role of officer can be found here:

  • General Committee
  • Business Management Group
  • Education Planning Committee
  • Group committees
  • UKCPA Chair
  • Vice-Chair
  • Treasurer

Annual General Meetings (AGM)

Each year the UKCPA organized AGMs at Autumn Symposium where all members are welcome to ask questions and learn about activities of the Association during previous 12 months. All members of the UKCPA are provided with copies of UKCPA Annual Report after each Meeting. Visit our AGM page to obtain and study copies of our most recent reports, including each meeting in minutes.

General Committee

UKCPA General Committee (GC) bares responsibility for UKCPA strategic management. Also it is in charge of taking care of all activities on behalf of Association. GC is strategic, mostly concentrating its activity on future year. Besides this body monitors success and development in current year. More information about General Committee and its members work is presented here.

Members of General Committee are elected from existing members of the Association. More details on how this process is run see here: Process of electing to General Committee.


Successful governance of UKCPA is achieved by Governance Committee work which is provided with contribution from each of most important UKCPA areas: General Committee, Trustees, UKCPA Office, General Secretary and core membership. The committee was created in 2010 and has to organize meetings annually.

Learn more information on structure of UKCPA and its governance here.