Our Mission and Ambitions

Mission of the UKCPA

Our Association supports expert practice in medicines management for benefit of patients, public and members by means of stating standards, developing qualified staff and improving new tendencies in all health care settings. The UKCPA believes in excellence, leadership and partnership.

Our Ambitions

  • We strive to continue improving and supporting great clinical pharmacy practice so that practitioners could offer best-quality patient care.
  • Our members are professionals in clinical pharmacy. Increasing our membership we not only enlarge our strength as association, but we get excellent expertise resource that can spread its knowledge and experience among a wider public, and support expert practice.
  • One of our goal is to create such an atmosphere for medical practitioners so that they can feel the real greatness of being a UKCPA member, to be loyal, to be in a beneficial relationships with our committee. We do our best to encourage our members to participate in UKCPA activities, groups and committees: to share their experience and knowledge.
  • The UKCPA takes every effort to maintain and improve its reputation in all areas of profession to be respected, valued and appreciated by healthcare community. Our aim is to achieve recognition of our specialist interest groups as professionals in medicines in that specialist field by other representatives of the same profession. Our specialist groups are working for achieving position to work with and be able to make positive changes in national plans for treatment of acute and long-term diseases.
  • Safe, effective and efficient patient care is our main goal, that’s why our activity will be directed towards creating best practice standards for quality service in all fields of clinical pharmacy.
  • Our committee will support improvement of professional skills via attending educational and training events and by providing access to expertise. All this must help our members to achieve excellence in performance.
  • Our members will be offered best-quality, relevant, appropriate, inspiring educational events to improve their professional performance.
  • We will support and encourage researches and studies that will improve pharmacy practice, and celebrate successes and achievements of our members in their professional fields.
  • One of our goals is to promote advanced practice by means of developing and improving strategy of practitioner-to-practitioner mentoring and networking within our membership.
  • Leaders of our Association will be able to get priceless experience from role models: encouragement to mentor other members of the Association, and to share experience and encourage others to follow their example.
  • Our activity involves collaboration with other organizations to ensure strong, quality service for our members. Partner relationships will contribute to improved effectiveness of organisation performance which will allow our members to better value money. Working in partnership will bring benefit to practitioners as well as patients.
  • All our actions and decisions will be clear and transparent to our members so that they could better value services of our members. Our goal is to achieve position of truly a member led organisation by involving our members in all processes.
  • The UKCPA will keep on developing as practitioner and member-led committee delivering its mission and fulfilling its ambitions.