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Conferences & symposia – inclusively of symposium registration form
Masterclasses & Introduction to Pharmaceutical Care Course – inclusively of masterclass registration form

UKCPA proposes diversity of events in different formats to meet your needs.

Our one-day Masterclasses suggests intensive education environment on specific topics. Main speakers and experienced participants will bring you present-day and innovative information and appropriate practice recommendations, and there are always a lot of capabilities for discussions, interactions and networking.

Our two-day Introduction to Pharmaceutical Care course – intensive course of clinical seminars, conducted by skilled practitioners, especially created for pre-registration pharmaceutists in primary and secondary health care, newly qualified pharmacists demanding a base course before clinical diploma, and coming back to pharmaceutists practice.

Our conferences and symposia propose a diversity of teaching capabilities. Outstanding speakers provide inspiring conversations and we consciously gather in task-oriented breaks and networking lectures so that you can carry out disscusion and share best practice with your practitioner and industry colleagues. We also conduct more intensive seminars during our conferences, which last 90 minutes and orianted on particular topic.

Our webinars, conducted in cooperation with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, are lectured by UKCPA expert participants. They lats 60 minutes and are suitable for short sessions of learning. You can tune in live, or listen again after the event, making them the most convenient and flexible of our events.

Non participants did you know
That you can submit entry to be a participant of the UKCPA at the same time when submitting for a UKCPA masterclass or seminar place, thus taking use of the members rate (or even free event places)? Simply ship off your application form for membership (and payment or Direct Debit mandate) when you ship off your event registration form.

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