UKCPA proposes its participants the capability to seek for some number of awards.

Please remember, to put your name any UKCPA Award down, senior authors/presenters MUST be a participant of UKCPA at the time of referral entry. For getting more information on how to attach to UKCPA Award please go here. Referral entries will not be admitted from non participants. Though, should you desire to present your writing for presentation at academic conferences, you may submit your abstract for consideration as a non-participant but must attach to the UKCPA upon prosperous acceptance of your writing.

For getting more information on how to submit an award application, adding formatting and submission instructions, please visit our Award Guidelines page:

UKCPA awards inviting referrals:

The UKCPA are actually inviting referrals for the following awards:

  • UKCPA Antimicrobial Management Award 2016, sponsored by Astellas
  • UKCPA Multiple Sclerosis Award 2016, sponsored by Biogen
  • UKCPA Patient Safety Award 2016, supported by Pfizer

To put your name of the above awards down, please apply the following online referrals link: The expiration date for entries’ referral for the above awards is 5 pm – Wednesday 15th June 2016.

Information of the above awards will be delivered to all members.

  • UKCPA Lifetime Achievement Award. The UKCPA will call nominations for their prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in the Summer of 2016. The expiration date for nominations will be 30th September 2016.

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