My Canadian Pharmacy – No RX Required

My Canadian Pharmacy No RXMy Canadian Pharmacy requires no RX for your medications. Here you can purchase high quality generic drugs for different health conditions without prescription. We have made every effort to make the ordering process quick and easy. But we strongly recommend consulting a specialist before you buy any medication. Only the doctor can examine you and make a precise diagnosis. Doctor’s consultation is necessary, since a non-prescription medicine can only remove obvious symptoms. In addition, when buying medicines without prior consultation, you risk getting unnecessary medicinal effects on the body in a situation when you could do without it.

Simple rules for you to follow when buying medicine without a prescription at My Canadian Pharmacy:

  • Remember that every human body is unique, so do not rely on friends’ recommendations. The drug may quickly help your friends, but not have the proper effect on you;
  • You can always ask for advice from My Canadian Pharmacy team. Our employees have a pharmaceutical education, so their knowledge of the frequency of taking, safe dosage and side effects of the drug will be more accurate. Do not hesitate to contact the pharmacy employee with your questions;
    Remember that the uncontrolled intake of some OTC drugs can cause an addiction or other related problems;
  • Combining several drugs can cause unwanted interaction. As a result, you will feel worse instead of the desired relief;
  • If you have an elevated blood pressure or frequent dizziness, then read the attached instructions for the medicine especially carefully. If you have any doubts, be sure to specify all the details of the reception from My Canadian Pharmacy team. This will help you avoid negative consequences.
  • Follow the dosage when taking any medications that can be ordered without a prescription. Excessive dose can have serious consequences for your body.
  • When you consult a doctor, do not forget to tell him about all the supplements and medicines that you are taking at the moment;
  • If you have any unpleasant reactions during the period of taking the medicine or your condition has deteriorated, please inform the attending physician about it;
  • Remember that medicines are incompatible with alcohol-containing beverages. The effectiveness of the drug’s effect on the body will be reduced;
  • Do not dispose of the packaging in which the medicine was delivered before it was completely consumed.